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The State Government of Uttar Pradesh has launched the Digi Shakti Portal so that students who meet the government’s eligibility rules and verify their names in the merit or beneficiary list displayed on the portal can receive free tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Every bit of information on this portal can be readily viewed by the students.

Today through this article we will provide you with all types of information about the Digi Shakti Portal 2024 like purpose, Eligibility Criteria, Benefits, Features, and important documents, etc. Apart from this, we will share with you the process to apply online for this portal. To get complete information about this portal, read this article till the end.

Digi Shakti Portal 2024

The Digi Shakti Portal was presented by UP Chief Minister Shri Yogi Adityanath to enable students to sign up online and receive laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Only students who are residents of the state of Uttar Pradesh are eligible to use this portal. 2.5 million million tablets and 5 million smartphones will be given to students.

Many students are enrolled in various courses or higher education programs, including technical, medical, professional, diploma, vocational or skill, and ITI courses. For these students, it will also be necessary to apply online for the UP Digi Shakti Portal to receive tablets, smartphones, or laptops at no cost to them—no fees or expenses of any kind.

|UP| Digi Shakti Portal: Login & Registration at digishaktiup.in

Highlights Of Digi Shakti Portal 2024

The highlights of this portal are as follows:-

Name Of The Portal Digi Shakti Portal
Known AsUP Digi Shakti Portal
Launched ByState Government of UP
Delegated MinistryMinistry of Electronics and Information Technology
Allotted PortalDigishakti Portal
ObjectiveTo provide smart learning devices to the students
BenefitThe students will be able to get qualitative studies
Applicable toCitizens of UP
Beneficiary CategoryStudents pursuing higher courses
Eligible CoursesGraduation, Postgraduate, Diploma, Skill Development and Higher Education, Technical Education, ITI Courses
No of Eligible Courses6
Offered DevicesLaptops, Smartphones, & Tablets
No of Offered Devices3
Annual Income LimitRs. 2 Lakhs
Distribution AllocationTablets = 2.50 Lakh
Smartphones = 5 Lakh
Host SiteNIC (National Information Centre)
Mode of ApplicationOnline
Official Websitewww.digishakti.up.gov.in/en

Objectives Of Digi Shakti Portal 2024

The major objective of launching the UP Digi Shakti Portal is to facilitate an online portal that will integrate or store all the information and details regarding the student profile which will help the UP Government in awarding or distributing smart devices among the students. With the use of online platforms, the students will not have to take help from government offices after taking multiple rounds of it. This will save both the time of the user as well as official.

Another objective of launching the Digi Shakti Portal is to put a reduction in the time-consuming process of registration by the students whereby the students used to adopt offline procedures for carrying out their paper formalities in order to carry out any scheme presented by the government for them. This will bring transparency to the online delivery system where the students will also be able to get study materials in the future also.

Beneficiary Category

This portal can be registered by only those students who are natives or residents of UP state and want to pursue higher studies such as graduation, postgraduate, diploma, skill development and higher education, technical education, and ITI courses which also demands smart devices such as Smartphones, Tablets or Laptops with the use of online or internet system.

Offered Devices

The below-mentioned devices will be offered to the students

  • Laptops
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets

Distribution Allocation

The no of smart devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, or Laptops that will be distributed among the eligible students or beneficiaries has already been allocated by the government so that no one will be left out of getting such facility. Around 2.50 lakhs of tablets will be distributed or provided to the applicants. Students will also be able to get smartphones also. The number of smartphones that will be distributed will be 5 lakhs.

Parental Annual Income Limit

The annual income limit of the student’s family will serve as a selection criteria for the student’s selection where the students will be able to get timely registration. The students will need to make sure that their annual income limit must not exceed Rs. 2,00,000/-. If it exceeds, they will get disqualified.

No Need To Register

It doesn’t mean if the government has launched or initiated an online portal or platform for receiving application or registration requests from the students then the students will be held responsible for carrying out direct registration. The data or details of students will get stored or entered on this portal by the universities. This will bring the use of the technical process.

Reduction In Time-Consuming Process

With the adoption of an online platform or portal, the government will be able to carry out a Time-saving process of fetching and saving the data of students for carrying out registration for availing the benefits which will put the reduction in the time-consuming process where the students have to visit the government office each and every time for the submission of any single detail or document.

Key Guidelines

Some key guidelines are as follows:-

  • Ensure that you have a stable internet connection before accessing the Digi Shakti Portal.
  • Use the latest version of web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge for optimal performance.
  • Keep your login credentials confidential and do not share them with anyone.
  • Follow the instructions provided on the portal for each specific task or activity.
  • Regularly update your profile information to ensure accuracy and relevance.
  • Respect the privacy of other users and refrain from sharing or accessing their personal information without their consent.
  • Report any technical issues or bugs encountered while using the portal to the designated support team.
  • Be mindful of the terms and conditions outlined on the portal and comply with them at all times.
  • Stay updated with the latest announcements and notifications posted on the portal.
  • Engage in a respectful and professional manner when communicating with other users on the portal.

Important Instructions

Some important instructions are as follows:-

  • Ensure that you have a valid and active account on the Digi Shakti Portal before attempting any activities.
  • Read and understand the guidelines and policies related to each activity before proceeding.
  • Submit accurate and verifiable information when required, as any false or misleading information may lead to account suspension.
  • Keep track of important dates and deadlines for various activities on the portal.
  • Regularly check your registered email address for updates and notifications from the portal.
  • Follow the specified format and guidelines when uploading documents or files.
  • Take necessary precautions to protect your computer or device from malware or unauthorized access.
  • Keep backup copies of important documents or data submitted through the portal.
  • Do not engage in any form of unethical or fraudulent activities on the portal.
  • Seek assistance from the designated support team if you encounter any difficulties or have any queries.

Tips and Tricks

Some tips and tricks are as follows:-

  • Explore the various features and sections of the portal to familiarize yourself with its functionalities.
  • Use the search function to quickly find the information or resources you need.
  • Bookmark frequently accessed pages or resources for easy reference.
  • Take advantage of any available tutorials, guides, or FAQs to enhance your understanding of the portal.
  • Join relevant discussion forums or groups to connect with other users and exchange knowledge or experiences.
  • Regularly update your skills and knowledge through the learning resources provided on the portal.
  • Take breaks and manage your time effectively to avoid fatigue or burnout while using the portal.
  • Keep a record of your activities and progress on the portal for future reference.
  • Share your feedback or suggestions for improvement with the portal administrators.
  • Stay proactive and engaged in the activities and opportunities available on the portal.

General Points to Remember

Some general points to remember are as follows:-

  • Always adhere to the ethical guidelines and principles of the Digi Shakti Portal.
  • Respect the intellectual property rights of others and do not infringe upon them.
  • Do not engage in any form of harassment, discrimination, or offensive behavior on the portal.
  • Keep your personal information updated and secure.
  • Do not share your login credentials with anyone.
  • Regularly change your password to maintain account security.
  • Be patient and understanding while interacting with other users on the portal.
  • Report any suspicious or unauthorized activities to the portal administrators.
  • Stay informed about the latest updates and changes to the portal’s policies and guidelines.
  • Embrace the opportunities for growth and development offered by the Digi Shakti Portal.

Benefits Of UP Digi Shakti Portal 2024

The benefits of this portal are as follows:-

  • The students will be able to carry out time-saving online registration.
  • This will save the time of both students as well as officers delegated to initiate the registration process.
  • Students will not need to register on this portal, their information or details will get submitted online through the universities.
  • The students will be able to receive tablets, smartphones, and laptops.
  • Students will be able to carry out higher studies.
  • This will promote the adoption of online studies or learning.

Features Of Digi Shakti Portal 2024

The features of this portal are as follows:-

  • The State Government of Uttar Pradesh has launched the Digi Shakti Portal.
  • This portal has been launched for the residents of UP state only.
  • Students pursuing higher studies such as graduation, postgraduate, diploma, skill development and higher education, technical education, and ITI courses will be able to get smart devices.
  • Laptops, Smartphones, and Tablets will be provided to the applicants.
  • A target of providing 2.50 lakh tablets and 5 lakh smartphones has been set up.
  • For getting more information, one can visit the official website.

Digi Shakti Portal Eligibility Criteria 2024

The students will need to attain the below-mentioned points for applying online:-

  • The student must be a citizen of India.
  • He or she must be pursuing or carrying out graduation, postgraduate, diploma, skill development and higher education, technical education, and ITI courses.
  • The student must be enrolled in a government college/university/institution.
  • The annual income limit must be Rs. 2 Lakhs.

Important Documents

Some of the important documents required to affix at the time of online registration are as follows:-

  • Aadhar Card
  • Address proof
  • Proof of Age (Birth Certificate)
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Mobile Number
  • E-Mail ID
  • Bank Account Details
  • Income Certificate
  • Mark Sheet

Process To Apply Online Under Digi Shakti Portal 2024

As this portal has been recently launched no such information has been released with the help of various social networking sites regarding the application procedure to apply online for the Digi Shakti Portal. Whenever the application procedure will be launched, we will update you through this article otherwise the applicant can visit the Official Website.

Process To Apply Online Under Digi Shakti Portal

Reading FAQs

The applicants will need to follow the below-mentioned points for reading FAQs:-

  • The applicant will need first to visit and open the official website.
  • Now you will get land on the homepage.
  • On the homepage, click on the FAQs link.
Reading FAQs
  • The FAQs will get displayed on your screen.

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