Privacy Policy

Your privacy policy is our main subject because when you visit our website, we collect your data, so that we can make our services better for you, and create a better environment for you, and that All the information can reach you, whatever you want. On the website, we share the information of all government schemes brought out by the central government and the state government, and we are not coupled with the central government or state government.

To get all these services, you have to provide some basic information or personal information like email ID, IP address, your name, and password, etc.

The main objective of our privacy policy is how we are improving our services with the basic information you provide, and under which conditions do we share the information given by you with a third party. We collect data only through such websites, and this privacy policy neither receives nor claims the information collected from any other sources.

We have also created the terms and conditions with the privacy policy of our website, which is important to enjoy the services and you may also be asked to agree to the terms and conditions.

Who Are We i.e. Information About Us

Our website and that’s it.

What Personal Data We Collect?

  2. Media
  3. Contact forms
  4. Cookies
  5. Embedded content from other websites
  6. Analytics

Why Your Personal Data We Collect?


When visitors comment on our website, we investigate the comments made by them and try to find out if there is any spamming, if spamming happens, action is taken on it, and for that, your IP address and browser user agent string have to be collected. If you comment on our website, then your photo is visible to the public along with your comment in the comment section.


If you upload a photo with a comment on our website, then you should take care that your location does not appear in the photo, the locality cannot be detected from the photo, because there are many visitors to our website, Who can understand your address from your photo, and you can fall prey to them.

Contact Forms

Just like we have told you about the media that you do not have to upload any photo with your comment in the comment section so that your location can be found, similarly you will get your address, or address proof ID, and contact forms. Does not even have to upload on our website


When you comment on our website, you can save your name, email address, and password in your search engine, so that when you comment again on our website, you do not have to fill this form again. Those cookies can be kept for 1 year. And when you come to the login page of our website, then we create a cookie and see if your browser accepts our cookie. And as long as you are on our website and everything you do on the website, everything is saved in a cookie and it is discarded when you leave our website or close your browser.

And if you log out of the website then our cookie is removed, and no information or email address and password are saved with us. If you want to visit the website again, you will have to log in again.

Embedded Content From Other Websites

Let us tell you that the way embedded content works in all sites, similarly our website also has embedded content (including videos, images, articles, etc.). All this material on our website ( also works in the same way as on other websites.


When you come to our website, and open a post, and read it, or scroll the page, all the activities that you do, it is easy for us to find through analytics. So that we can make the website even better, and provide you better service.

With Which Third Party Can We Share Your Data?

When you share your personal data with us or comment on us, we check it. If we find something wrong in it, or feel that you are sending us data, tampering with our website, or spamming our website, then we take action on that data. And share it with third parties.

How Long Do We Save Your Data?

If you make any comment on our website, keep it with us indefinitely so that we can follow it up. On our website, those who register, or login, keep the information of visitors and their profile saved. Any visitor can change his profile at any time, but cannot change his name. Along with this, let us also tell you that the website ( administrator can also see your information, and can also make changes to it.

What Are Your Rights On Your Data?

If you have any data available on this website or with us, you can erase the data file by requesting us. You can tell us that whatever is your personal data on our website, should be erased. We will delete this data after seeing your comment. Because it does not include any data that is hindered for administrative, legal, and security purposes.

Where Can We Send Your Data?

The data that you send or enter on the website, we check it first to protect it from spam, after that we save your data with us.

How Can We Protect Your Contact Information?

The personal information shared by you on this website is protected with the help of very technical tools, and also completely by yourself. Unless you can share your personal information, it is not passed on to any third party. And if you are spamming on, then only your personal information is shared with a third party. Now it is in your hands how to protect your personal information.

How Can We Privacy All Your Types Of Information?

When you visit our website at, and read our article, and log in, or comment, a lot of your personal information that you give to us is saved in cookies as privacy. And we keep that file secure so that your privacy remains private. We do not share your personal data, or your personal information (such as login-related information) with any third party, to any third party. Only you can see the information that you give to us, or we can see. You can also change your personal information. But the information that we collect from you, we do protect it from spam. So that no visitors coming to our website can give spam information on our website by giving their fake information. Now you must have understood that how we secure your personal data and information, and your privacy.