Assam Khel Maharan 2024: Online Registration & Last Date

Assam Khel Maharan 2024 Apply Online & Registration Form | Assam Khel Maharan Check Sports & Venues | Assam Khel Maharan Check Features & Benefits | Assam Khel Maharan Check Timelines & Age Requirement | Assam Khel Maharan Check Eligibility & All Details |

The Assam Khel Maharan has been made available to all participants by the Assam State Government. Registrations open on September 10, 2023, and must be submitted by September 30, 2023. Recall that registrations submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. Do not even pass up this fantastic opportunity for Assamese gamers of all sexes!

Through this article, we will provide you with all types of information about the Assam Khel Maharan 2024 like purpose, Eligibility Criteria, Benefits, Features, important documents, etc. Apart from this, we will share with you the process to apply online for this scheme. To get complete information about this scheme, read this article till the end.

Assam Khel Maharan 2024

The Assam Khel Maharan, initiated by Assam Chief Minister Shri Himanta Biswa Sharma and the Department of Sports and Youth Affairs, is set to take place from November 1, 2023, to January 10, 2024. With over 50 Lakh participants expected to join, the event will feature various sporting competitions across different levels including kabaddi, athletics, football, volleyball, and kho kho. Interested individuals can register online before the specified deadline.

All genders of Assam legal residents are welcome to apply for the Assam Khel Maharan. Young people under the age of 19 are welcome, as are those who are 15 and older. Applicants should be well-versed in the sports they have chosen in order to participate. The purpose of this program is to support Assamese youth athletes and to demonstrate their skills.

Assam Khel Maharan: Online Registration & Last Date

Highlights Of Assam Khel Maharan 2024

The highlights of this scheme are as follows:-

Name Of The SchemeAssam Khel Maharan
Launched By State Government of Assam
Delegated Ministry Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology 
ObjectiveTo provide sports or games to participate
Benefit Sports Persons will be able to recognize their talents
Applicable To Citizens of Assam
Beneficiary CategorySports Persons
Age Limit14 to 19 Years
Offered SportsAthletics 100 Metres to 800 Metres, Volleyball, Football, Kabaddi, Basketball, Running, & Kho Kho
Beneficiary Limitation50 Lakhs Players
Allotted VenuesGuwahati, Silchar, Dibrugarh, Diphu and Kokrajhar
Mode Of TransferDBT
Payment Mechanisme-payment mechanism
Form of BenefitFacilitation of Sport Events
Hosting SiteNational Information Center (NIC)
Mode Of ApplicationOnline 
Last Date To Apply Online30th September 2023

Objectives of Assam Khel Maharan 2024

The major objective of launching the Assam Khel Maharan is to nurture and showcase the sports talents of young people in Assam. This event aims to promote and develop sports skills within the state, providing a platform for the youth to demonstrate their abilities and contribute to the growth of sports in Assam. One can apply online before 30th September 2023.

Another objective of launching the Assam Khel Maharan is to encourage over 50 lakh young people in Assam to actively participate in sports like kabaddi, athletics, football, volleyball, and kho kho. It aims to promote fitness, teamwork, and healthy competition among the youth of Assam. It also plans to extend the sports program to different levels, including Gram Panchayats and Bodoland Territorial areas, to involve more communities in sports and fitness activities.

Assam Khel Maharan Timelines 2024

The timelines of this scheme are as follows:-

Starting Date To Apply OnlineWill be updated soon
Last Date To Apply OnlineWill be updated soon

Beneficiary Category 

The applicants will need to attain the beneficiary category to get an online registration for this scheme. To join Khel Maharan, one must be a permanent resident of Assam. It means you need to live there for the long term. This ensures that those who become part of Khel Maharan are truly connected to the Assamese community.

Assam Khel Maharan Levels 2024

The levels for this scheme are as follows:-

  • Gram Panchayat/ULB/Ward Level/MAC level
  • Assembly Constituency Level
  • District Level
  • State Level

Assam Khel Maharan Age Requirement 2024

It will also be mandatory for the students to attain the required age limit that has been set up by the selection body. Khel Maharan welcomes young talents. If you are between the ages of 15 and 19, you meet the age criteria for application. This allows youths to participate and excel in various sports activities.

Facilitation Of Gender Inclusivity

Khel Maharan promotes gender equality. Both men and women are eligible to join. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female; everyone has an equal opportunity to showcase their sports skills. This will make sure that the participation has been given to both gender whether it is a girl or whether it is a boy. 

Assam Khel Maharan Knowledge Requirement 

To be a part of Khel Maharan, you should have knowledge about the specific sports you want to play. This ensures that participants are not only passionate but also skilled in their chosen sport. So, get ready to demonstrate your sports expertise! This will also make sure that their selection is final. 

Strict Adherence to Deadline 

It’s crucial to note that officials will not accept any registration forms after the specified deadline. Make sure to submit your forms on time to participate in this exciting event. So here the students will be advised or urged the same to go through the timelines of this scheme and apply online before the last date.

Eligible Sports

The list of eligible sports is as follows:-

  • Athletics 100 Metres
  • Athletics 200 Metres
  • Athletics 400 Metres
  • Athletics 800 Metres
  • Volleyball
  • Football
  • Kabaddi
  • Basketball
  • Running
  • Kho Kho

Allocation of Venues

The venues allocated for games are as follows:-

  • Guwahati
  • Silchar
  • Dibrugarh
  • Diphu and Kokrajhar

Fostering Talent Development

Providing schemes to sportspersons at various levels helps identify and nurture talent from a young age. Talent development is crucial for building a strong pool of athletes in diverse sports, ensuring a continuous supply of skilled individuals. In this way, the sportspersons will be able to recognize the talents hidden in the sports field.

Some Other Schemes

The list of some other schemes is as follows:-

  • Khelo India Assam
  • Assam Sports Journalists’ Pension Scheme
  • Assam Yuva Vikas Yojana
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Assam Sports University
  • District-Level Sports Development
  • Cash Incentives for Achievers
  • Assam Rifle’s Sports Program
  • Assam Archery Talent Identification Scheme

Promoting Sports Culture

These schemes encourage a culture of sports and physical activity, promoting a healthier and more active population. This can reduce health-related costs and improve the overall well-being of citizens. The sportspersons will be inspired in order to promote the spirit of sports culture among some other beneficiaries by participating.

Enhancing International Reputation

Nurturing athletes through schemes leads to success in international competitions, enhancing a nation’s global reputation. Achievements in sports can boost a country’s prestige and soft power on the international stage. May be possible, that the students may get a chance to represent themselves at the national or international level, then in such a way they will enhance their international reputation.

National Pride & Unity

Sporting achievements often evoke a sense of pride and unity among citizens, transcending differences. Successful athletes become symbols of national pride, fostering a sense of belonging and unity. The nation builders will be able to feel the pride or unity moment at the national level.

Infrastructure Development

Schemes necessitate the construction of sports facilities and infrastructure, benefiting not only athletes but also local communities. This development can have a long-lasting positive impact on the nation’s infrastructure. More and more sportpersons will participate in this field and they will also get the necessary infrastructure.

Assam Khel Maharan: Implementation Procedure

Assam Khel Maharan is an initiative aimed at promoting sports and physical activities in the state of Assam. The program is designed to encourage participation, develop talent, and create a culture of sportsmanship among the youth. In this blog post, we will discuss the implementation procedure, the supervision body, key guidelines, important instructions, tips and tricks, and general points to remember for Assam Khel Maharan.

Supervision Body

The Assam Khel Maharan program is overseen by a dedicated supervision body consisting of experienced sports professionals, coaches, and administrators. This body ensures the smooth functioning of the program, monitors the progress of participants, and provides guidance and support to the athletes. Their expertise and knowledge play a crucial role in the successful implementation of Assam Khel Maharan.

Key Guidelines

The key guidelines are as follows:-

  • Eligibility: Assam Khel Maharan is open to all residents of Assam between the ages of 10 and 25.
  • Registration: Participants need to register online through the official website of Assam Khel Maharan.
  • Sports Categories: The program covers a wide range of sports categories, including athletics, football, cricket, swimming, badminton, and more.
  • Selection Process: Participants will be selected based on their performance in the trials conducted by the supervision body.
  • Training: Selected participants will undergo specialized training under the guidance of qualified coaches.
  • Competition: Assam Khel Maharan includes inter-district and state-level competitions to provide participants with opportunities to showcase their skills.
  • Awards and Recognition: Outstanding performers will be rewarded with medals, certificates, and scholarships.
  • Infrastructure Development: The program aims to improve sports infrastructure in Assam by investing in the development of stadiums, training facilities, and equipment.
  • Community Participation: Assam Khel Maharan encourages community participation through volunteer programs and support from local organizations.
  • Continuous Evaluation: The progress of participants will be regularly evaluated to identify areas for improvement and provide additional support.

Important Instructions

Some important instructions are as follows:-

  • Participants must adhere to the rules and regulations set by the supervision body.
  • Regular attendance is mandatory for training sessions and competitions.
  • Participants should maintain discipline and sportsmanship throughout the program.
  • Proper sports attire and equipment must be used during training and competitions.
  • Participants should follow a healthy diet and lifestyle to maximize their performance.
  • Any form of cheating or misconduct will result in immediate disqualification.
  • Participants should inform the supervision body about any injuries or health issues.
  • Respect for fellow participants, coaches, and officials is essential.
  • Participants should strive for personal growth and improvement, irrespective of winning or losing.
  • Participants must maintain a positive attitude and support their teammates.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to enhance your performance in Assam Khel Maharan:-

  • Set specific goals and work towards achieving them.
  • Practice regularly and focus on improving your skills.
  • Stay motivated and maintain a positive mindset.
  • Learn from your mistakes and use them as opportunities for growth.
  • Stay hydrated and take care of your physical and mental well-being.
  • Seek guidance from experienced coaches and professionals.
  • Watch and learn from successful athletes in your chosen sport.
  • Visualize success and believe in your abilities.
  • Stay dedicated and committed to your training regimen.
  • Enjoy the journey and have fun while participating in Assam Khel Maharan.

General Points to Remember

Some points to remember are as follows:-

  • Participation in Assam Khel Maharan is voluntary.
  • The program aims to provide equal opportunities to all participants, irrespective of their background or gender.
  • Assam Khel Maharan promotes inclusivity and diversity in sports.
  • Participants should maintain a healthy balance between academics and sports.
  • The program encourages fair play and discourages any form of discrimination or harassment.
  • Participants should follow the instructions and guidelines provided by the supervision body at all times.
  • Assam Khel Maharan is a platform to showcase talent, develop skills, and foster a love for sports among the youth of Assam.
  • By participating in Assam Khel Maharan, you contribute to the overall growth and development of sports in the state.
  • Remember to enjoy the journey, make new friends, and create lasting memories through your participation in Assam Khel Maharan.

Benefits Of Assam Khel Maharan 2024

The benefits of this scheme are as follows:-

  • Assam Khel Maharan provides a platform for over 50 Lakh players to participate in sports events.
  • The scheme encourages sports and physical activity, promoting a healthier lifestyle among the youth.
  • It includes men and women, ensuring gender inclusivity in sports participation.
  • Assam Khel Maharan aims to identify and nurture sporting talent at the grassroots level.
  • The program is conducted across Assam, involving players from various regions.
  • Participants can engage in five different sports, including kabaddi, athletics, football, volleyball, and kho kho.
  • The scheme extends to Gram Panchayats, ULBs, Gramme Parishad Department Committees, and MAC levels, fostering community involvement.
  • Special efforts are made to organize the program for the Bodoland Territorial Area Districts, promoting inclusivity.
  • It encourages the development of sports facilities and infrastructure in Assam.
  • This scheme fosters cultural exchange and competition among the youth, fostering a sense of unity and achievement.

Features of Assam Khel Maharan 2024

The features of this scheme are as follows:-

  • The Assam Khel Maharan was started by Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma.
  • The scheme is aimed at encouraging the youth of Assam to participate in sports and games.
  • Over 50 Lakh players are expected to participate.
  • The Assam Khel Maharan event will take place from November 1, 2023, to January 10, 2024.
  • The fresh registrations will start on 10th September 2023.
  • The last date to apply online will be 30th September 2023.
  • The scheme includes organizing Khel Maharan at various levels, including Gram Panchayat, ULB (Urban Local Body), Ward, Gramme Parishad Department Committee, and MAC levels.
  • Five different sports will be played in Assam Khel Maharan 2023, including kabaddi, athletics, football, volleyball, and kho kho.
  • The Department of Sports and Youth Affairs is actively involved in organizing the event.
  • Registration forms will not be accepted after the September 30, 2023, deadline, emphasizing the importance of timely registration for interested players.

Assam Khel Maharan Eligibility Criteria 2024

The applicants will need to follow the below-mentioned points to apply online for this scheme:-

  • The applicant must be a resident of Assam state.
  • He or she must be a sportsperson.
  • The age limit must be 14 to 19 years.
  • Both males and females will be given participation.
  • The applicant will need to have the know-how regarding the sport or game in which he or she wants to enroll.

Important Documents

Some important documents required to attach for this scheme are as follows:-

  • Applicant’s Full Name
  • Education Details
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Address Details
  • Communication and Permanent Address
  • Sports Details
  • Mobile Number
  • Email ID
  • Bank Details

Assam Khel Maharan Apply Online 2024

The applicants will need to follow the below-mentioned points to apply online for this scheme:-

Assam Khel Maharan Apply Online
Assam Khel Maharan Apply Online
  • A new page will be displayed.
  • Click on the Register Your Account button.
Assam Khel Maharan Apply Online
  • A form will be displayed.
  • Fill in the asked details.
  • Now click on the Proceed button.
  • The registration form will be displayed.
  • Fill out this form with the required details.
  • Affix the required documents.
  • Now click on the Register button.

Checking Registered Players

The applicants will need to follow the below-mentioned points to check registered players:-

  • Visit the official website.
  • Now you will get land on the homepage.
  • Click on the Register Now button.
Checking Registered Players
  • A new page will be displayed.
  • Click on the Search In under the Look for Registered Players section.
Checking Registered Players
  • A new page will be displayed.
  • Enter your registration no and then district from the drop-down menu.
  • Now click on the Search button.
  • The relevant details will be displayed.

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