Nabin Odisha Magic Card 2024: Apply Online & Last Date

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Nabin Odisha Magic Card is a innovative initiative by the government of Odisha to provide cashless benefits to its citizens. The card is a pre-loaded debit card that can be used for multiple purposes such as payment of government services, utility bills, transportation, and at selected merchants. The card is designed to promote financial inclusion and to make digital transactions easier for people in Odisha.

This article will provide all types of information about the Nabin Odisha Magic Card 2024 like purpose, Eligibility Criteria, Benefits, Features, important documents, etc. We will also share the process to Apply online for this scheme. To get complete information about this scheme, read this article till the end.

Nabin Odisha Magic Card          

The Nabin Odisha Magic Card offers various benefits to its users, including convenience, security, and transparency. With the card, users can make transactions without the need for carrying cash, making payments faster and more convenient. Additionally, the card comes with security features such as PIN protection and encryption to ensure the safety of user information and funds. Moreover, all transactions made using the card are recorded, providing transparency and accountability in government payments and expenditures.

The Nabin Odisha Magic Card is playing a significant role in promoting the government’s vision of a cashless economy. By encouraging digital transactions and financial inclusion, the card is helping to reduce the dependence on cash, improve efficiency in government services, and combat corruption. Overall, the card is a valuable tool for the people of Odisha to access various services and benefits in a seamless and secure manner.

Nabin Odisha Magic Card: Apply Online & Last Date

Highlights of Nabin Odisha Magic Card 2024

The highlights of this scheme are as follows:- 

Name Of Card Nabin Odisha Magic Card
Launched By State Govt of Odisha
Delegated MinistryMinistry of Electronics & Information Technology 
ObjectiveTo offer financial support to economically disadvantaged individuals in Odisha
Benefit This will improve the overall quality of life for beneficiaries
Applicable ToResidents of Odisha
Beneficiaries BPL Candidates
Mode Of TransferDBT (Direct Benefit Transfer)
Payment Mechanisme-payment mechanism or PFMS
Form of BenefitFinancial Assistance
Amount of benefitVariable Assistance
Hosting SiteNational Information Center (NIC)
Last Date To Apply OnlineWill be updated soon
Mode of ApplicationOnline 
Official WebsiteClick Here

Objectives of Nabin Odisha Magic Card 2024

The primary objective of the Nabin Odisha Magic Card program is to offer financial support to economically disadvantaged individuals in Odisha. By providing access to essential services such as healthcare, education, and food security, the program aims to alleviate financial burdens and improve the overall quality of life for beneficiaries.

Beneficiary Category

The Nabin Odisha Magic Card program is designed for individuals who fall below the poverty line and are in need of financial assistance. Eligible beneficiaries include low-income families, senior citizens, persons with disabilities, and marginalized communities in Odisha.

Application Enrollment Last Dates

The application enrollment period for the Nabin Odisha Magic Card program typically opens at the beginning of each fiscal year. Interested individuals are encouraged to submit their applications before the specified deadline to be considered for financial assistance.

Selection Procedure

The selection process for the Nabin Odisha Magic Card program involves a thorough review of applicants’ financial status and eligibility criteria. Qualified candidates will be notified of their selection and provided with further instructions on how to avail of the benefits offered by the program.

Implementation Procedure

Once selected, beneficiaries will be guided through the implementation procedure of the Nabin Odisha Magic Card program. This may include setting up a digital wallet, accessing online services, and utilizing the financial assistance provided by the program.

Supervision Body

The Nabin Odisha Magic Card program is overseen by a dedicated team of officials who ensure the efficient and effective implementation of the program. This supervision body plays a crucial role in monitoring the program’s progress and addressing any issues that may arise.

Challenges and Limitations

In addition to funding and resource challenges, the scheme also faces other limitations that impact its effectiveness. One limitation is the lack of awareness among potential beneficiaries about the scheme and its eligibility criteria. This can result in deserving individuals missing out on the benefits.

Another limitation is the difficulty in reaching remote and marginalized communities. These communities may lack access to information and face additional barriers in applying for the scheme. Efforts should be made to ensure that the benefits of the scheme reach all sections of society, especially those in need.

Beneficiary Success Stories

Despite the challenges and limitations, the scheme has had several success stories. Many beneficiaries have been able to improve their financial situation and access essential services with the help of the scheme. The financial assistance provided through the card has enabled them to meet their basic needs and pursue opportunities for growth.

One such success story is that of Rani, a single mother from a rural village in Odisha. With the support of the scheme, she was able to start a small business and generate a sustainable income for herself and her children. The scheme not only provided her with financial assistance but also connected her with relevant training and resources to enhance her entrepreneurial skills.

Comparison with Similar Schemes

When comparing the scheme with similar schemes in other states or countries, it is important to consider the unique context and challenges faced by Odisha. While there may be similarities in the objectives and benefits provided, the implementation and impact can vary based on local factors.

For example, the scheme can be compared to the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) scheme implemented at the national level in India. Both schemes aim to provide financial inclusion and support to marginalized communities. However, the scheme focuses specifically on the state of Odisha and addresses the specific needs and challenges faced by its residents.

Government Improvement Efforts

The government of Odisha recognizes the challenges and limitations faced by the scheme and is committed to improving its effectiveness. Efforts are being made to increase the budget allocation for the scheme to ensure adequate funding for all eligible beneficiaries.

Additionally, steps are being taken to strengthen the resources required for the implementation of the scheme. This includes training and capacity building programs for government officials involved in the process, as well as leveraging technology to streamline the application and verification process.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation play a crucial role in assessing the impact of the scheme and identifying areas for improvement. Regular monitoring helps in identifying any gaps in implementation and addressing them in a timely manner.

Evaluation of the scheme’s outcomes and impact provides valuable insights into its effectiveness and helps in making informed decisions for future enhancements. It also allows for the identification of success stories and best practices that can be replicated in other similar schemes.

Public Awareness and Outreach

Public awareness and outreach efforts are essential to ensure that the benefits of the scheme reach the intended beneficiaries. The government should undertake campaigns to raise awareness about the scheme, its eligibility criteria, and the application process.

Efforts should be made to reach remote and marginalized communities through various channels such as community meetings, local media, and mobile outreach units. Information should be provided in local languages and in a format that is easily understandable and accessible to all.

NGO and Stakeholder Partnerships

Partnerships with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other stakeholders can play a significant role in improving the implementation and impact of the scheme. NGOs can contribute their expertise and resources to support the awareness and outreach efforts.

Collaboration with other stakeholders such as financial institutions, local businesses, and community-based organizations can also help in expanding the reach and impact of the scheme. These partnerships can facilitate access to additional resources, expertise, and support services for the beneficiaries.

Improvement Suggestions

Based on the challenges and limitations faced by the scheme, several improvement suggestions can be considered:

  • Increasing the budget allocation to ensure sufficient funds for all eligible beneficiaries.
  • Strengthening the resources required for implementation, including training and capacity building programs.
  • Enhancing public awareness and outreach efforts, especially in remote and marginalized communities.
  • Exploring partnerships with NGOs and other stakeholders to leverage their expertise and resources.
  • Continuously monitoring and evaluating the scheme’s outcomes to identify areas for improvement.

Cashless Transactions

Say goodbye to the days of fumbling for cash and coins when making purchases. With the card, you can enjoy the convenience of cashless transactions at a wide range of merchants. Simply swipe your card and you’re good to go!

Discounts and Offers

Who doesn’t love a good discount or offer? With the card, you’ll have access to exclusive deals and promotions at participating retailers. Whether you’re shopping for groceries, clothing, or electronics, the card will help you save money on your purchases.

Online Shopping

In today’s digital age, online shopping has become increasingly popular. With the card, you can shop online with ease and convenience. Simply enter your card details at checkout and enjoy seamless transactions from the comfort of your own home.

Utility Bill Payments

Paying bills can be a tedious task, but with the card, it’s never been easier. From electricity and water bills to internet and phone payments, you can settle your bills with just a few clicks using your card.

Travel Convenience

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the card is your perfect companion. Use it to book flights, hotels, and transportation, and enjoy a hassle-free travel experience.


Protecting your financial information is a top priority. That’s why the card is equipped with advanced security features to keep your transactions safe and secure. Rest assured that your personal data is in good hands.

Loyalty Points

Who doesn’t love being rewarded for their purchases? With the card, you can earn loyalty points every time you use your card. Accumulate points and redeem them for exciting rewards and benefits.

24/7 Customer Support

Have a question or concern about your card? Don’t worry – the card offers 24/7 customer support to assist you with any issues you may encounter. Simply pick up the phone or send an email, and a friendly representative will be happy to help.


The card is designed to be accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a student, a homemaker, or a business professional, this card is suitable for all lifestyles. Apply for your card today and start enjoying the benefits!

Financial Inclusion

At Nabin Odisha, we believe in financial inclusion for all. That’s why we’ve designed the card to be inclusive of everyone, regardless of their income or background. Join the Nabin Odisha family and experience the convenience of cashless transactions today.

Key Guidelines

  • All applicants must meet the specified eligibility criteria to be considered for the Nabin Odisha Magic Card program.
  • Financial assistance provided through the program is intended for essential services only, such as healthcare and education.
  • Beneficiaries are required to comply with the program guidelines and use the assistance provided responsibly.
  • Any misuse or misrepresentation of information may result in disqualification from the program.

Important Instructions

  • Ensure all required documents are submitted accurately and on time.
  • Keep track of important deadlines and follow up on any requests for additional information.
  • Stay informed about program updates and changes through official channels.
  • Seek assistance from program officials if you encounter any difficulties during the application process.

Tips and Tricks

  • Double-check all information before submitting your application.
  • Keep a record of all communication with program officials for reference.
  • Stay proactive and engaged throughout the program implementation process.
  • Seek feedback from other beneficiaries to improve your experience with the program.

General Points to Remember

  • The Nabin Odisha Magic Card program is a valuable resource for individuals in need of financial assistance.
  • Eligible beneficiaries can access essential services and support through the program.
  • Stay informed about program updates and changes to maximize the benefits offered.

Benefits & Features

The benefits & features of this card are as follows:-

  • Cashless Transactions: With the Nabin Odisha Magic Card, you can make cashless transactions at various merchants across Odisha, eliminating the need to carry cash.
  • Discounts and Offers: Cardholders can enjoy exclusive discounts and offers at select partner merchants, saving money on their purchases.
  • Online Shopping: The Nabin Odisha Magic Card can be used for online shopping, allowing you to shop from the comfort of your home.
  • Utility Bill Payments: Easily pay your utility bills, such as electricity, water, and gas, using the card’s convenient online portal.
  • Travel Convenience: The card can be used for booking bus or train tickets, making travel arrangements a breeze.
  • Security: The card comes with advanced security features to ensure your transactions are safe and secure.
  • Loyalty Points: Earn loyalty points for every transaction you make with the Nabin Odisha Magic Card, which can be redeemed for exciting rewards.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Access round-the-clock customer support for any queries or issues related to your card.
  • Accessibility: The card can be easily recharged at various locations across Odisha, ensuring you never run out of funds.
  • Financial Inclusion: The Nabin Odisha Magic Card promotes financial inclusion by providing a convenient payment option for all residents of Odisha.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a Nabin Odisha Magic Card, you must be a resident of Odisha and meet the following criteria:-

  • Age of 18 years or above
  • Valid proof of identity and address

Important Documents

When applying for a Nabin Odisha Magic Card, you will need to submit the following documents:

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Voter ID
  • Passport size photograph
  • Proof of address (utility bill, rent agreement, etc.)

Nabin Odisha Magic Card Apply Online 2024

To Apply online, follow the below-mentioned points:-

  • Visit the official website of the Nabin Odisha Magic Card.
  • Click on “Enroll Now” on the homepage.
  • Fill out the application form with details like name, age, date of birth, address, etc.
  • Upload the required documents.
  • Review the information you entered.
  • Click “Submit” to complete your application.
  • Upon successful submission, you will receive an acknowledgement.
  • Confirmation of the card will be sent to your email or SMS.

Top 10 FAQs

  • How can I apply for a Nabin Odisha Magic Card?
    You can apply for a Nabin Odisha Magic Card online or visit any designated enrollment center in Odisha.
  • Is there any annual fee for the card?
    The card comes with a nominal annual fee, which varies depending on the type of card you choose.
  • Can I use the card for international transactions?
    The Nabin Odisha Magic Card is primarily for domestic use and may not be accepted for international transactions.
  • What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?
    In case of loss or theft, you should immediately report it to the customer service helpline to block the card and prevent any unauthorized transactions.
  • How long does it take to get the card after applying?
    Upon successful application, you can expect to receive your Nabin Odisha Magic Card within 7-10 working days.
  • Can I link my bank account to the card?
    Yes, you can link your bank account to the card for easy fund transfers and transactions.
  • Are there any age restrictions for cardholders?
    Yes, cardholders must be 18 years or above to be eligible for the Nabin Odisha Magic Card.
  • Can I use the card for mobile recharges?
    Yes, the card can be used for mobile recharges, making it a versatile payment solution.
  • Are there any transaction limits on the card?
    Transaction limits may apply based on the type of card you have and your usage pattern.
  • How secure are online transactions with the Nabin Odisha Magic Card?
    Online transactions with the card are secure, thanks to advanced encryption and security features.

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