Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme 2024: Apply Online Application

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The Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme, also known as the “Dignity Housing Scheme,” started in 2015 to provide homes for poor people. At first, it faced challenges, but now it’s on track. By 2024, it aims to give 5.72 lakh low-income families in Telangana a two-bedroom house. To apply for this housing scheme, interested people can go to the official website and submit an online application.

Through this article, we will provide you with all types of information about the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme 2024 like purpose, Eligibility Criteria, Benefits, Features, important documents, etc. Apart from this, we will share with you the process to apply online for this scheme. To get complete information about this scheme, read this article till the end.

Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme

The government promises to give every homeless and low-income family in the state a two-bedroom house. These houses will have two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and two bathrooms, known as 2BHK. Residents can apply online for the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme. To make this happen, the District Collectors and the Commissioner of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation have given instructions on how to run this program.

Now the residents of Telangana will be able to avail the benefits of free housing services or facilities provided to them. For this, they will need to apply online for the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme. This includes families living in huts, basic homes, or rented places. The house will be sanctioned in the name of the family’s female head. One can apply online before the last date to get timely registration.

Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme: Apply Online Application

Highlights Of Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme

The highlights of this scheme are as follows:- 

Name Of The SchemeTelangana 2BHK Housing Scheme
Launched ByState Government of Telangana
Delegated StateTelangana
Delegated MinistryMinistry of Electronics & Information Technology
Allocated PortalTelangana Portal
ObjectiveTo provide pucca houses for living to the poor and needy people
Benefit This will upgrade the standards of living
Applicable To Citizens of Telangana
Beneficiaries Applicants
Beneficiary CategoriesBPL Household, Widow/Widower, Physically Challenged Person, & SC/ST/Minorities Caste Groups
Form of BenefitFinancial Assistance
Hosting SiteNational Information Center (NIC)
Mode Of ApplicationOnline 
Last Date To Apply OnlineWill be updated soon
Office AddressTelangana State Housing Corporation Limited,
3-6-184, Street 17,
Urdu Gali,
AP State Housing Board,
Telangana, 500029
Helpline Number040 23225018

Objectives Of Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme

One major objective of launching the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme is to provide affordable housing to all citizens. These schemes aim to ensure that every family, especially those with low incomes and homeless individuals, has access to a decent and safe place to live. By offering subsidized housing and financial assistance, the government seeks to address the housing needs of marginalized communities.

Another key objective of the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme is to stimulate socio-economic development. Affordable housing schemes not only improve living conditions but also create jobs in the construction sector. They boost infrastructure development, enhance the overall quality of life, and contribute to sustainable urban and rural growth, fostering economic progress and stability.

Beneficiary Categories 

The list of beneficiary categories is as follows:- 

  • BPL Household 
  • Widow/Widower
  • Physically Challenged Person
  • SC/ST/Minorities Caste Groups 

Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme Unit Price 

The housing project costs more because the state government plans to improve essential infrastructure. The total project cost is estimated at Rs 18,000 crores, with Rs 3,230 crores already approved. They’ve asked the central government for help with infrastructure development. Basic needs like water supply, electricity, roads, drainage, and sewage will be provided. 

List of Services Provided 

Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme Seat Reservations 

The seats reserved for each category are as follows:- 

  • Metropolitan Locations:-
    • 5% reserved for people with impairments 
    • 17% reserved for Scheduled Castes (SCs)
    • 6% reserved for Scheduled Tribes (STs)
    • 12% reserved for minorities
    • 65% available for others
  • Rural Areas:-
    • 50% reserved for Scheduled Castes (SCs)
    • 50% reserved for Scheduled Tribes (STs)
    • 7% reserved for minorities
    • 43% available for others

Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme Construction Pattern

The construction pattern of this scheme is as follows:- 

  • Selecting Housing Locations:- The District Collector must pick suitable government properties near villages or municipalities for housing layouts.
  • Independent Homes in Rural Areas:- In rural areas, individual homes must have a 125-square-yard plot. In some significant Gram Panchayats with limited land, G+1 dwellings can be considered.
  • Building Design in Metropolitan Areas:- In metropolitan areas, houses will be constructed in a G+ pattern, with the number of floors determined by land availability.
  • Proximity to Mandal Headquarters:- For housing sites within 2 kilometres of the Mandal headquarters, G.O.Ms. 1493 dt1.12.2007, Revenue (Asst. POT) Dept. may be used.
  • Distribution of Apartments:– Apartments in G+ houses will be distributed through lots. Physically challenged families will be assigned to the ground floor for accessibility.

Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme Design

The design of this scheme is as follows:- 

  • Home Specifications:- Each house will have two bedrooms, a hall, a kitchen, and two bathrooms with combined toilets. In rural areas, the plinth area includes the staircase, while in urban areas, it includes both the staircase and common areas.
  • Kitchen Features:- Every home will have a kitchen with a platform for cooking convenience.
  • Storage Space:- Two lofts will be included in each home to store furniture and other items.
  • Toilet Facilities:- Toilets can be inside or outside homes in rural locations.
  • Funding for Restrooms:- District Collectors can access funding from NREGS or Swachh Bharat for building restrooms.

Subsidies for Stakeholders 

Many subsidies are available for those involved in this project. For example, cement is sold at a lower price of Rs 230 per bag. The cost of sand and earnest money deposit has been reduced. Fly ash is free within 100 kilometers and 50% off for 100 to 300 kilometers. The defect liability period is now one year instead of two. The price of steel is also adjusted for the project. 

General Terms and Conditions

Some general terms and conditions for this scholarship are as follows:-

  • Cement Price:– Cement will cost Rs. 230 per bag for the next three years, until October 2019.
  • No Extra Sand Charges:– You won’t have to pay extra fees for sand – the basic cost and extra charges are waived.
  • Reduced Deposits:- The amount you need to deposit (EMD) to participate in tenders is reduced from 2.5% to 1%. Also, the Fixed Security Deposit (FSD) is lowered from 7.5% to 2%.
  • Bid Capacity:– If there’s no response in the first call for tenders, contractors can bid for up to 25% of the Estimated Contract Value (ECV).
  • Builder Registration:– Private builders can register with the Regional Officer based on their turnover certificate.
  • Toilets:- Toilets for the Swachh Bharat initiative can be arranged at the district level.
  • Fly Ash:- You’ll get fly ash for free within 100 kilometers, and for half the transportation cost if it’s between 100 to 300 kilometers.
  • Defective Liability:- The time you’re responsible for defects is reduced from 2 years to 1 year.
  • Steel Price Adjustment:- Price adjustments for steel are allowed for all ongoing 2BHK construction projects.

Selection Procedure

The selection procedure for the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme is carried out in a transparent and unbiased manner. The government has set up a committee that evaluates the applications received from eligible individuals. The committee carefully reviews the applications based on specific criteria such as income, family size, and other relevant factors. The selection process ensures that the houses are allocated to those who need them the most.

Implementation Procedure

The implementation of the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme involves various stages. First, the government identifies suitable land for the construction of houses. Then, the construction process begins, adhering to all necessary quality standards. Once the houses are ready, they are allotted to the selected beneficiaries. The government ensures that the entire process is carried out efficiently and within the stipulated time frame.

Supervision Body

The Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme is supervised by a dedicated body that oversees the entire process. This body comprises government officials, housing experts, and representatives from relevant departments. They ensure that the scheme is implemented as per the guidelines and monitor the progress of construction and allocation of houses. The supervision body plays a crucial role in maintaining transparency and accountability throughout the scheme.

Key Guidelines

Here are some key guidelines to keep in mind for the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme:-

  • Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria set by the government.
  • Documents such as income certificates, Aadhaar cards, and caste certificates are required during the application process.
  • Preference is given to applicants from economically weaker sections, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, and other marginalized communities.
  • Applicants must provide accurate and complete information in their application forms.
  • The selection process is carried out based on a merit system, ensuring fairness and transparency.
  • Beneficiaries must not sell or transfer the allotted houses for a specified period.
  • Regular maintenance and upkeep of the houses are the responsibility of the beneficiaries.
  • Any violation of the scheme’s guidelines may result in the cancellation of the allotment.
  • Applicants can seek assistance from the designated helpline numbers in case of any queries or issues.
  • Beneficiaries are encouraged to provide feedback to help improve the scheme further.

Important Instructions

It is important for applicants and beneficiaries to follow these instructions:-

  • Ensure that all required documents are submitted accurately and within the specified timeframe.
  • Keep track of the status of your application through the official portal or helpline number.
  • Do not engage in any fraudulent activities or attempt to manipulate the selection process.
  • Follow the guidelines for house maintenance to ensure the longevity of the property.
  • Report any discrepancies or issues to the relevant authorities immediately.
  • Stay updated with the latest notifications and announcements related to the scheme.
  • Participate in community activities and contribute to the overall development of the housing society.
  • Respect the rights and privacy of fellow beneficiaries.
  • Cooperate with the supervision body and government officials during inspections and audits.
  • Spread awareness about the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme to help eligible individuals benefit from it.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to make the most of the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme:-

  • Start the application process early to avoid any last-minute rush.
  • Double-check all documents before submission to ensure accuracy.
  • Seek guidance from local government offices or community centers for any assistance required.
  • Stay informed about the scheme’s updates through official websites or social media platforms.
  • Network with other beneficiaries to share experiences and learn from each other.
  • Take advantage of any training programs or workshops offered by the government to enhance your skills.
  • Save and invest wisely to secure a better future for yourself and your family.
  • Volunteer for community initiatives to create a stronger sense of belonging.
  • Encourage others in need to apply for the scheme and support them throughout the process.
  • Express gratitude towards the government and all stakeholders involved in making the scheme a reality.

Benefits Of Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme 

The benefits of this scheme are as follows:- 

  • Affordable Housing: The scheme offers houses at a highly subsidized rate, making it affordable for low to middle-income families.
  • Quality Construction: The houses built under the scheme are of high quality, ensuring durability and safety for the residents.
  • Prime Locations: The housing projects are strategically located with easy access to schools, hospitals, and other essential amenities.
  • Government Support: The scheme is backed by the Telangana government, providing reliability and credibility to the buyers.
  • Financial Assistance: Eligible applicants can avail of financial assistance through various government schemes to ease the burden of down payments.
  • Empowering Women: The scheme gives priority to women beneficiaries, empowering them to own a house in their name.
  • Transparent Process: The allocation of houses is done through a transparent process, ensuring equal opportunities for all applicants.
  • Sustainable Living: The houses are designed to be environment-friendly, promoting sustainable living practices among residents.
  • Community Development: The housing projects foster a sense of community among residents, encouraging social interactions and support.
  • Investment Opportunity: Owning a house under the scheme can also be a valuable investment for the future, appreciating in value over time.

Features Of Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme 

The features of this scheme are as follows:- 

  • Affordable Housing: One of the key features of the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme is that it provides affordable housing options to the residents of the state. The scheme aims to provide 2BHK houses to eligible beneficiaries at a nominal cost, making it easier for them to own a home.
  • Transparent Application Process: The application process for the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme is transparent and easy to understand. The interested applicants can apply online through the official website of the scheme, and the selection process is based on clear criteria.
  • Quality Construction: The houses built under the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme are constructed using high-quality materials and modern construction techniques. This ensures that the residents have a safe and comfortable living environment.
  • Prime Locations: Another great feature of the scheme is that the houses are built in prime locations with access to basic amenities like schools, hospitals, and markets. This makes it convenient for the residents to live and work in the area.
  • Inclusive Approach: The Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme is inclusive in nature and aims to benefit the economically weaker sections of the society. Priority is given to widows, single women, and disabled individuals, ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to own a home.
  • Loan Facility: The scheme also provides a loan facility to eligible beneficiaries who are unable to afford the cost of the house upfront. This makes it easier for them to fulfill their dream of owning a home without putting a financial strain on themselves.
  • Community Living: The houses built under the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme are designed to promote community living. Common facilities like parks, community centers, and playgrounds are provided to encourage social interaction among the residents.
  • Green Initiatives: The scheme incorporates green initiatives like rainwater harvesting, solar energy, and waste management systems in the construction of the houses. This not only reduces the environmental impact but also helps in creating a sustainable living environment.
  • Maintenance Support: The Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme provides maintenance support to the residents to ensure that the houses are well-maintained and in good condition. This ensures the longevity of the houses and the well-being of the residents.
  • Empowerment: Last but not least, the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme empowers the residents by giving them a sense of ownership and security. Owning a home instills confidence and stability in the lives of the beneficiaries, leading to overall growth and development.

Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme Eligibility Criteria

The applicants will need to attain the below-mentioned points to apply online for this scheme:-

  • The applicant must be a citizen of India.
  • The applicant must belong to the:-
    • BPL Household
    • Widow/Widower
    • Physically Challenged Person
    • SC/ST/Minorities Caste Groups
  • Residents living in Kutcha, or huts will also be given an online registration.

Important Documents 

Some of the important documents required to apply online for this scholarship are as follows:- 

  • Aadhar Card
  • Residence Certificate
  • Income Certificate 
  • Educational Certificates 
  • Bank Account Details 
  • Food Security Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Disability Certificate
  • Ex-Serviceman Card
  • Latest Passport Size Photos 
  • Mobile No
  • Email ID 

Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme Apply Online

As this scheme has been recently launched no such information has been released with the help of various social networking sites regarding the application procedure to apply online for the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme. Whenever the application procedure is launched, we will update you through this article otherwise, the applicant can visit the Official Website.

Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme Apply Online

Getting Contact Details

The applicants will need to follow the below-mentioned points to get contact details:-

  • The applicant will need first to visit the official website.
  • The homepage will be displayed on your screen.
  • Now you will need to point to Contact Us.
  • Click on the Key Contacts Link.
Getting Contact Details
  • The contact details will be displayed on the screen.

Contact Information

In case queries and questions come to your mind regarding the Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme, then you may contact this mentioned office address, helpdesk No, & email ID:-

  • Office Address:-
    • Telangana State Housing Corporation Limited,
    • 3-6-184, Street 17,
    • Urdu Gali,
    • AP State Housing Board,
    • Himayatnagar,
    • Hyderabad,
    • Telangana, 500029
  • Helpline Number:- 040 23225018.
  • Email ID:-

Top 10 FAQs about Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme:

Who is eligible to apply for the scheme?

Applicants must meet certain income criteria set by the government to qualify for the scheme.

How can I apply for the scheme?

Applications can be submitted online through the official website of the Telangana government.

What documents are required for the application process?

Applicants need to submit proof of identity, address, income, and other relevant documents.

Is there a reservation for certain categories in the scheme?

Yes, the scheme provides reservations for certain categories like women, senior citizens, and differently-abled individuals.

Are there any additional costs apart from the house price?

Residents may have to pay maintenance charges and other utility fees as applicable.

Can I transfer my house under the scheme to another person?

No, the houses allocated under the scheme are meant for the rightful beneficiaries only.

What is the timeline for the construction of the houses?

The construction timelines may vary depending on the location and size of the housing project.

Are there any penalties for delayed payments?

Yes, there may be penalties for delayed payments as per the terms and conditions of the scheme.

Can I avail of a loan to purchase a house under the scheme?

Yes, eligible applicants can avail of housing loans from approved financial institutions.

How can I track the status of my application?

Applicants can track the status of their application online or by visiting the designated government offices.

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